Why should I choose granite or quartz worktops?

Taking the plunge and buying new worktops either for your domestic or commercial space can be daunting, it’s a big decision and one that you want to be happy with for years into the future. We know that this is the case and wanted to take the time to discuss why natural stone like granite or quartz are a fantastic choice for your new worktops…

Will my new worktops last a long time?

When you’re investing in granite or quartz worktops, a big thing on most peoples minds is how long the worktops will last. Because we only ever use premium quality materials, your worktops really will last a lifetime! Granite and quartz are natural hard-wearing stones with the ability to easily outlast even your house in most cases. Looking more closely at Quartz, you’ll notice really amazing features like the fact that it is non-porous and therefore won’t allow germs and bacteria to get into the surface. On top of that, it won’t pick up stains like some granites can. Granite has it’s own set of spectacular properties that make it a very hard-wearing material such as the fact it is really easy to wipe down and can be used to roll pastry or work bread dough without needing a board. It’s always cool and well-performing under pressure!

So we know that natural stone like granite or quartz are a great investment since they’ll last a lifetime – but how do you know you won’t go off the look? The granite we stock at The Granite Guild is held in stock and cut from huge, single slabs or stone. This will give you a worktop that naturally has lots of variations in the rock that only time can give, whereas quartz is man-made and so can be provided in a much wider collection of shades. The one underlying theme is that natural stone surfaces are completely timeless, and so are always a good choice. Where other surfaces may come in and out of style, premium quality granite or quartz will always be stunning.

How can I get my new worktops?

At The Granite Guild, the first step towards getting your dream worktops is just to fill in a really simple instant quotation request. It is as simple as that! If you’d rather not fill in an online form, that’s no problem either. Call us today and a member of our team will happily discuss your needs. All you need to do is provide us with the measurements of your needed worktops and we will do the rest!

After we have discussed the instant quotation, the next step is to arrange a templating survey within which one of our expert stone masons will visit your home and produce millimetre perfect replicas of your worktops. As a point of caution, we always advise anybody who is in the market for new worktops to be extra careful with companies that do not require templating surveys – this usually means the company will cut on site using mobile equipment on installation day which leads to poor quality worktops and a lot of unnecessary dust!
The final steps are just the manufacturing and installation. Each of our granite or quartz worktops are crafted in a state of the art facility which uses the very latest CNC machinery to make sure you get the best quality worktops possible.


In this blog, we’ve discussed just a few reasons why it’s so important to choose your worktops wisely and also why you can have complete peace of mind when it comes to investing in granite or quartz with The Granite Guild. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we are always happy to help!

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