Granite worktops – where is the best place to buy?

What are granite worktops?

Granite gives your worktop a unique design; it can come in a variety of colours, allowing your kitchen to be one of a kind. It has grown in popularity due to its hard-wearing qualities and natural look. Worktops made from granite are extremely durable and allow you to knead dough or roll pastry directly on them. They also give its user an easy job when it comes to cleaning, as they just need wiping down. Along with the fact granite is heat resistant – it’s the perfect new addition for your kitchen!

How to source granite countertops for your home?

As we’ve mentioned, granite is a naturally sourced stone. It is carefully extracted with planned explosives to make sure it isn’t cracked in the process. It is then transported overseas to be turned into granite slabs. Next, the granite is cut into slabs and polished – ready for us to come in. After the slabs are manufactured, The Granite Guild stock them ready to be cut to size and fitted. We cut the granite perfectly to size from large slabs in order to maintain a consistent colour and thickness.

What can I expect from The Granite Guild?

We are an established group of granite experts with over 30 years of experience in the granite manufacturing industry, we strive to deliver the best service on our quartz and granite worktops. Exceptional customer service is something that we pride ourselves on. The Granite Guild always aim to deliver high standards of work to all of our customers in London. We use the latest technology to improve our cutting techniques and keep our prices for delivery and installation down.

The Granite Guild has been manufacturing and installing granite worktops across the UK for over 30 years. We serve many different locations such as London, Oxford, Kent, Liverpool, Manchester, Preston and other areas.


Want to know more?

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