What is the most practical kitchen worktop?

Where to start?

There are a range of worktops available when updating your kitchen; some people go for looks, whilst others focus on the practicality of the surface. Even though the appearance is an important factor; a kitchen worktop goes through a lot and needs to withstand the daily use a kitchen has. Making sure the surface is durable for cooking purposes and is easy to clean are big factors for most people; however often you use your kitchen, a durable, strong surface can save a lot of time and money – making it a great investment! Here we take a look at our two main product lines (granite and quartz) and just how practical each one is.

Granite Worktops

A worktop made from granite is a strong addition to any kitchen; it is extremely popular due to its natural and unique design, but also has many benefits due to its strong quality. Granite is known to be an easily cleanable surface and is resistant to scratches; as well as being resistant to heat – which is a massive bonus when cooking with hot pans! Also, worktops made from granite allow for pastry and bread to be worked with directly on the surface; saving you money on additional kitchen appliances (such as chopping boards) and time, as it only requires a quick wipe down.

When looking at your kitchen as a long term investment; granite is a top contender due to how robust it is and in most cases, it will last longer than the building it is in. Especially if you’re an avid baker, granite is probably the most practical solution for you.

Quartz Worktops

Another option available at The Granite Guild is quartz. This is a man-made worktop, rather than a naturally sourced one like granite. Even though it is man-made, quartz still has the same benefits in that it is hard wearing and durable; as well as the added bonus on being non-porous. Non-porous means that germs and bacteria can’t get into the surface, making it the perfect, easy clean surface. The only downside for quartz on the practicality scale is that quartz isn’t fully heat resistant, where as granite is. Quartz can only withstand heat up to around 150 degrees, meaning you can’t put a hot pan directly onto the surface – something which granite allows you to do.


What to do next?

Our dedicated team at The Granite Guild are here to help, if you’re looking to upgrade to granite or quartz worktops – why not fill out our quick and easy instant quotation form?

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