Quartz or Granite – What’s the better option?

Can’t decide on Quartz or Granite?

If you’re just getting ready to spruce up your kitchen, but can’t make that choice on what worktop to choose – don’t worry! We understand it’s a hard decision and is something you need to get right, especially when it’s going to be in your home for quite some time. Here we provide you with a breakdown of quartz and granite, and which one is the best choice for you…


When it comes to quartz and granite worktops, they are both extremely strong materials, both materials are resistant to scratches and can easily be cleaned. However, while granite worktops are heat resistant, quartz worktops are the opposite and are not big fans of hot pans, using heat pads at all times is a must when having quartz in your kitchen; especially to avoid any damage!


For both these worktops, their pricing isn’t all that different – depending on what you’re looking for, the price of quartz or granite can add up quickly, or be your best friend! Granite can sometimes be more expensive than quartz due to the availability of certain colours or patterns, where as quartz can be the higher priced option in some cases due to how it is manufactured. Pair that with costs for cutting the slabs to fit your kitchen, both counter tops have their expensive elements.

The Look

Deciding how you want your kitchen to look is down to you and only you, so deciding between how quartz or granite looks comes down to your personal preference – even though both have beautiful finishes. Granite is sourced naturally and you can clearly see this in its unique design, it is also available in a variety of colours and allows your kitchen to be one of a kind. However, quartz is man-made so has a more artificial look, while this may be a downfall for some – quartz allows a lot more flexibility when it comes to colours, designs and patterns because of its man-made nature.


Overall, both quartz and granite have their benefits and their downfalls – while quartz may be the perfect fit for one customer, granite may be the better option for the other… Either way, it mainly boils down to what you’re looking for and the elements of a worktop that are most important to you.

If you’re still unsure, please contact us or try getting an instant quote, if your mind is already made up.

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