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Granite Worktops

Over 30 Years in the Quartz & Granite Industry

Granite Worktops, Granite Surfaces & Worktop Samples

Granite is a hard wearing stone that is extremely popular for its organic good looks, robust qualities and by using granite you will have worktops in your home that will last a lifetime. In fact your granite worktops could well last longer than the house.

At The Granite Guild, we take pride in supplying and fitting only the very best quality granite worktops. We hold all our granite in stock, and cut your worktops from huge, single stone slabs. Granite has natural variations within the stone due to how it was formed billions of years ago, and this adds to the beauty and aesthetic appeal of it.


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Granite is beautiful to live with and makes your life easier. In the kitchen you can roll pastry and work bread dough on it without needing a board, as it is very durable and hard wearing. It stays cool and collected under pressure, is easy to wipe down, keep clean and simple to maintain every day.


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