Your Guide to Granite Countertops in London

Granite Countertops in London

Being one of the hardest materials on Earth, granite is a great material to have at your disposal for kitchen worktops. As granite is a natural material that is quarried from the Earth, every piece has a unique appearance, design, durability, colour and even hues. No two granite countertops will ever look the same as natural stone changes in appearance from block to block. This means you are guaranteed to have a completely unique kitchen worktop in London.

At The Granite Guild, we have installed granite worktops in hundreds of London homes. We have built a reputation for offering a professional, skilled installation service at a competitive price. We always aim to provide you with your dream kitchen at a very modest price.


Granite Countertops for your London Home

Once it has been polished, granite is a natural stone that is very eye-catching and beautiful. Countless London homes have had granite worktops installed to increase the value of their homes. This is a great benefit of opting for granite worktops however, it is usually the durability, colour and practicality that plays a huge role in the people of London choosing it for their kitchens.

The colour and texture of granite is dependant on where the granite has been sourced from. Granite slabs can be quarried from all across the world in locations like India, Brazil and China. Slabs are then cut and polished by skilled stonemasons like ourselves where they are cut to size, ready to be installed in your London home.


What Can I Expect from The Granite Guild?

We are an established group of granite experts with over 30 years of experience in the granite manufacturing industry, we strive to deliver the best service on our quartz and granite worktops. Exceptional customer service is something that we pride ourselves on. We always aim to deliver high standards of work to all of our customers in London. We use the latest technology to improve our cutting techniques and keep our prices for delivery and installation down.

We have been manufacturing and installing granite worktops across the UK for over 30 years. We serve many different locations such as London, Oxford, Kent, Liverpool, Manchester, Preston and other areas.

What colours are available?

Granite Worktops come in a huge range of textures, colours and patterns. Colours can vary from white, black, blue, reddish hues and many more. Granite fans love that no section of worktop is ever the same. This material has natural variations that make it incredibly unique. Once it has been professionally polished, it looks great and doesn’t even compare to standard materials like wood or laminate.

Many London householders choose to come down to our showroom to view our granite worktops at first hand. They enjoy personally selecting their own slab and seeing it through to the installation, and they also get to ask us as many questions as they can think of.

However, if you can’t make it down to see us, don’t worry. Simply measure your kitchen and fill in our instant quote form by clicking the button below.

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Our Granite Range

See some of the most popular granite worktops patterns that our customers in London love.

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