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Are there any Disadvantages to installing Granite worktops?

Granite is one of the frequently used materials for interior design especially as kitchen tops and bathroom slabs. If we talk about granite worktops then it offers a wide range of benefits along with a few disadvantages as compared to other worktop materials.

If we care properly for our worktops then granite will easily serve us for more than fifteen years or so should you go for the low maintenance option. Granite is a natural stone that offers an unmatched combination of elegance along with durability and this is rare to find in any other stone. However we can consider marble or quartz as a close match to granite but you cannot expect the same robust structure and elegance from either of these two stones.

Here are a few disadvantages of granite worktops that you must consider before installing it in your kitchen:

1.    Staining and scratches

Most granite dealers claim that granite is resistant to scratches and stains but is this really true? Granite is naturally porous and that makes it susceptible for staining. Even if a drop of water spills on its surface then after evaporating it leaves a mark on the surface.

These stains can be uglier if any coloured liquids spill on its surface. For instance, if red wine spills on a granite top then it can leave a stain on the stone even after wiped off immediately with a wet cloth.

This happens because the granite’s pores easily absorb the water and it can be more damaging if any liquids containing oil spill over because oil will remain inside the pores of the granite.

The use of any sharp object directly on granite’s surface can leave scratches. If any severe scratch occurs and is not immediately repaired it can get worse over time.

2.    Bacteria can harbour on granite surface

I was surprised when I read that a granite worktop’s surface can harbour bacteria because most of the articles claim that granite is one of the more hygienic options for a kitchen worktop. If your granite countertops are not sealed then anything can get into the granite pores where bacteria can grow. Even wiping it off can push microbial particles into the pores of the granite.

3.    Weight and cost

Granite is a very heavy stone that needs a number of people to install. Also if the supporting cabinets are not durable enough to take granite’s weight then it can create complications.

Another concerning factor is its cost because a medium quality of granite stone ranges between 80 pounds to 200 pounds per square foot. This price does not include any transportation, installation charges or taxes.

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