Are Granite Worktops worth the money?

Choosing new worktops for your home can be a long process. There’s the question of what material to use, colours, patterns and the big one – cost! Granite worktops are the perfect addition to any home, but they can be expensive. When you factor in the manufacturing of the slabs, cutting to the exact size for the client and the range of patterns and colours available, it’s no wonder the cost can add up – but is it worth it? Take a read below, as we look into the pros and cons of granite, and the effect it can have on your home.

Advantages of Granite Worktops

Granite is a hugely popular choice for a new kitchen, it has a range of benefits to it and can make life a lot easier for its user. It is a beautiful looking stone due to its natural looking qualities, each slab is unique to the design and allows your kitchen to be one-of-a-kind as well! Worktops made from granite come in a range of colours and patterns, meaning you aren’t limited at all if you are wanting a specific colour scheme for your new kitchen.

It is also known to be highly durable in a range of scenarios. Granite can be used to knead dough on or roll pastry – no board needed! You can also place hot  pans on it, without ruining the material as granite is heat resistant, unlike many other worktop choices. Additionally, granite is easy to clean, it is known to be a hard-wearing stone so can easily be wiped down. It is also known to avoid dirt and bacteria forming as long as it is sealed properly. Granite is non-porous meaning air and liquids can’t go through the material – now who wouldn’t love a kitchen that barely needed cleaning?

Disadvantages of Granite Worktops

Even though granite is full of advantages for its user, it does have its problems. Due to how granite is sourced and the variety of colours/patterns available, granite can become quite expensive. The cost can also include cutting the slabs and fitting the worktop. Both of these need professionals to do them and can involve high-quality equipment. So the price of granite can quickly add up!

Granite also requires maintenance, this includes ensuring the worktops are still sealed properly to ensure they keep their non-porous nature. This is important as it allows the worktop to maintain its easy-to-clean quality.

Are Granite Worktops worth the money?

So, the big question… In all honesty, we think they are! Granite provides you with a unique design and allows easy clean up – a messy area in any house. It also allows you to save on kitchen appliances as you won’t need chopping boards or heat mats. While they do require maintenance, this is like any part of your home.

What to do next?

If you would like more information on granite, please contact us. Alternatively, you can get a instant quote in just a few minutes, if you’re ready to give your kitchen that re-vamp it needs!



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