Kitchen worktops come in all shapes

Kitchens and the worktops that adorn them come in all shapes and sizes, with just as many different styles and designs to choose from. That’s why it’s important to know what the options are from the outset when planning your kitchen design, as mistakes can be costly!

Here are just a few ideas to inspire you when finalising your kitchen design and layout, whether in Granite, Quartz or even Marble.

The Island Unit
Of course you can only use an Island Unit if your kitchen has the required space of one metre clearance all the way round your Granite Worktops Lincoln. So if you can accommodate an Island Unit then you have the potential to make a major statement. An Island Unit can incorporate a hob, sink or simply be an eating area. Depending upon how creative you want to be a stylish worktop overhang can be used at one end giving you a breakfast bar area for casual or even formal dining. But always check with your worktop fabricator first that the size you are planning is feasible within the allowances of quartz and granite slabs. Oversized is not always possible so consult before deciding on that monster island unit!

Breakfast Bar
A breakfast bar can be a fantastic social focus for the family especially on a lazy Sunday morning and generally takes up less space than an island as it runs off another worktop, meaning most kitchens have the scope to include this useful work surface.

Back Splash

For practical reasons we often use this area underneath the cooker extractor hood, behind the hob, to protect the walls from cooking splashes. And the hob splash back doesn’t have to be purely functional, it can also make a visual statement like the example below in granite.

Drainer Grooves

Applied only to undermounted sinks, Drainer Groves provide a natural drainage outlet. When asked to apply Drainer Grooves we can do so to any shape or form and this is usually finalised at the template stage. Drainer Grooves can be applied left or right of the sink and in some cases both when using a double Belfast Sink, seen in the photo below.

Window Sills

If your new kitchen is part of a renovating or extension, chances are you will require a new window sill. Using the same material used on your worktops on sills, adds style and provides a beautiful finishing touch to complement your luxurious quartz or granite worktops.




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