Granite Worktops in St Albans

iGranite are a granite worktop provider based in St Albans. iGranite are a leading supplier of Granite, Marble, Composite and Quartz for kitchen worktops, bathrooms, vanity areas and commercial spaces.

We are a granite company based in St. Albans that provide a high standard of service to our clients. We provide kitchen granite worktops, bathroom vanity tops, and also marble and Quartz worktops. We are well-known for our high standard of workmanship due to an experienced team of specialists. We are here to assist you with your specifications for granite worktops in St Albans that also include templating, manufacture and fittings to your requirements.


Why Should I Get A Quartz Countertop?

There are loads of different materials to use for your countertop. So why should you choose Quartz? We will look at the benefits of Quartz to understand why it could be the material you choose for your counter tops. To start with Quartz is durable and doesn’t chip or crack easily. This is a good start and essential for counter tops.
1. Attractive
There is no question that Quartz countertops are attractive to look at. They are beautiful slabs of rock made of natural minerals. Their intricate design due to rock formations is a natural beauty. Also, the shine of the countertop is attractive to look at.
2. A Wide Range Of Colours
From calm, muted tones to bold, bright. The manufacturing process allows a much wider range of colours than you’ll find in natural stones such as marble or granite.
3. Luxurious
Quartz has a great value and is at a competitive price to granite. Quartz is also on the rise. It is only really because of the history of granite and its relationship with the wealthy that it is considered more luxurious in comparison to Quartz.
4. Resist Stains
Quartz is non-porous so it is stain resist and so a perfect material for the kitchen. It stands up to juice, oil, wine, tomato, coffee and other sources of stains in the kitchen. A non-porous surface means it will not harbor bacteria or viruses. The cleanliness of the material is a great benefit.
5. Cheaper Than Granite
When you have a budget in mind this is where Quartz matters. So you get more for your money if you ask me. For a similar quality that is more fitted to be a kitchen countertop material, it is a no-brainer for me.
Overall, Quartz requires very low maintenance and any seams with quartz are less visible and easier to ride in comparison to other material. So if this is your choice of countertop material you need to remember it needs to be professionally installed. Marble 4Life are an example of a company that manufactures and install Quartz. They have an excellent selection of Quartz Worktops and supply all the major brands such as Silestone, Compac, Technistone, and Cimstone.

6 Things You Should Know About Marble

Marble is a rock that is beautiful and perfect for surfaces around your home. Here are 6 things you should know about Marble.

1. What is Marble

Marble is a metamorphic stone formed when sediment crystallises under great heat or pressure to form hard rock.

2. Marble is Pricey

Marble is a luxurious material and therefore carries a price. It can vary dependant on the type of marble you are buying but generally, marble is quite pricey due to its beauty and quality.

3. It maintains a cool temperature

The worktop material is perfect for cooking or baking as your surfaces will remain cool regardless of the heat of the kitchen.

4. The range of colours

Marble is available in a large range of colours these include whites, black and greys, yellow and browns, pinks, reds and violets, multi colours and blues and greens.

5. Types of finishes

There are two main types of finishes. A honed finish is created by sanding the surface so that it has a soft, matte finish. Honed marble won’t show scratches as much. It is also more susceptible to staining as the pores are open. The other type of finish is polished. This finish won’t stain as easily but it can scratch and etch. Polished surfaces are shiny and bright however they will be worn down in time.

6. Famous buildings made from Marble

known for its beautiful look marble has been used for a number of popular buildings. The most famous building would be the Taj Mahal built entirely of marble.

Now you know about Marble you should look into Granite and Quartz. These are materials that make terrific worktops in your home. If you are interested in Granite or Quartz then look no further than Marble4 Life who is the UK’s largest supplier of quartz worktops and granite worktops.


What you need to know about Quartz

Quartz has recently seen a significant increase in popularity over the years and is an ideal alternative to granite. So what do you need to know about Quartz?
1. What they cost:
In relation to granite, Quartz is a better value for money. It is less expensive and more exotic. The cost varies depending on the quality of the stone and the brand. Other factors of cost also include the thickness of the slab, the amount of material needed, the complexity of your design and the quality of your stone.
2. Where to buy Quartz:
I would advise going local with reputable contractors. This will reduce installation costs and adds trust in their professionalism. Using a company that handles its own fabrication and installation will ensure you have skilled craftsmen handling your countertop renovation.
3. How they are made:
Manufacturers combine roughly 93% ground quartz with 7% resins, polymers and colours. The pattern of the quartz depends on the texture of the stone used in the process. The slab is then cut down and fabricated to include such details as edging and cutouts.
4. The difference between Quartz and Granite:
Quartz worktops are more flexible than granite making them easier to work with during the installation process. Quartz is heavier than its counterpart. Prices can differ according to the manufacturer but generally, granite is more expensive.
5. Different Quartz brands:
Choosing the right stone brands is an important decision. In terms of Quartz, the main brands are Silestone, Compac, Technistone and Cimstone.

4 ways to add luxury to your bathroom

The bathroom is the one place in your home where you can shut everyone else out and truly unwind, so you’ll want to make sure it’s luxurious down to the last detail. From the bath to the worktop to the towels, here’s how to create that upmarket feel.

  1. Invest in a freestanding bath

All of the best bathrooms in the top hotels seem to have large, freestanding baths. However, don’t worry if yours is of a more modest size, because guaranteed you’ll be able to find a bath that will fit it somewhere. Choose white for a clean, stylish feel, or black if you want to make a bold statement.

  1. Piles of fluffy towels

Leave a few piles of folded, fluffy towels out around your bathroom if you’re going for an upmarket vibe. When they’re not being used, they can decorate the room, mirroring the feel of a hotel room in the process. Stay away from eye-watering patterns and bright colours, opting for neutrals and toned down stripes instead.

  1. A granite worktop

Where else are you going to display your soap and shower gel collection? Set a sink into your stylish granite worktop in Preston, and arrange candles around the edges for a calming, tranquil atmosphere. Place a large mirror above it, and you’re all set!

  1. Tiled flooring

Forget lino – nothing beats the cool feeling of tiles underfoot before climbing into a hot bath. They don’t have to be plain and boring either, as some of the best hotels have fun with colour when it comes to floor space. Some soaps, shower gels and candles in matching colours would look fantastic around your bath and worktop.


4 ways to add wow factor to your bar

Recently bought a brand new bar? Bet you can’t wait to get started on transforming your blank canvas into the trendiest hangout in town and a highly profitable business. Achieving the right look is essential if you want to ensure its success, so here’s how to add wow factor to your bar.

  1. Carefully design the layout

Can your customers access the bathroom just as easily as the bar area? Would open plan be best so that you can maximise space, or would you prefer to add different rooms and a VIP section? Will the bar be far enough away from the dance floor? You should consider all of these questions when designing the layout of your bar.

  1. Get the flooring right

You need to make sure your bar has suitable flooring throughout. Consider all of the different areas on the premises and which flooring type would suit each one best; for example, will you have a dancefloor in one section, or will seating and tables dominate throughout? Whatever you decide, make sure you have flooring that will be able to withstand heavy footfall and endless drinks spillages.

  1. Make everyone marvel with a marble bar area

The place where everyone can purchase drinks is arguably the focal point of the entire bar, so it needs to draw the eye and look as attractive as possible. With a unique pattern and gorgeous detailing, a marble worktop in Bradford would add elegance and sophistication to your establishment’s bar area.

  1. Striking the right balance with seating

Getting the seating area right in a bar area can be tough. You want something that looks great, but you also don’t want to invest in designer sofas and tables only to have them ruined by drink spillages and misplaced chewing gum. With this in mind, make sure your furniture complements the upmarket look you want, but don’t splash out too heavily.


5 ways to inject colour into your monochrome home

Is every room in your home just a mixture of black, white and grey? Feel like you’re living in a newspaper? Although decorating with a monochromatic colour palette is very ‘in’ right now, you don’t want everywhere to feel cold and clinical. Here’s how to inject a bit of colour (and warmth) into your home.

  1. Paint a feature wall in the living room

This not-so-new trend is still popular in many a living room. A red, orange or yellow feature wall is bound to make a bold statement, while a blue or green would create a softer look. Just make sure to use paint – colourful, floral wallpaper is so 2010.

  1. Lay out a colourful bedspread

A colourful, patterned bedspread can really make a difference to an otherwise neutral bedroom, making the bed like a decorative feature. Dress the room further with accessories such as lampshades and wall hangings in matching or complementary colours.

  1. Choose bold furniture

Keep your walls white or cream and express yourself through your furniture instead. Choose sofas, armchairs, tables and other items in off-the-wall colours to really give a room a lift; they’ll stand out well against a beige backdrop.

  1. Fit a colourful granite worktop

A colourful granite worktop would complement any kitchen with a monochromatic colour scheme, breaking up those black tiles and white cupboard fronts. Place monochromatic appliances on your worktop to create a nice contrasting effect. If you rely on the experts, installing granite worktops in Dewsbury couldn’t be easier.

  1. Bold tiles in the bathroom

Bathroom fixtures and fittings are traditionally white or black (unless you just can’t let go of your 90s-inspired pea-green toilet), so it makes sense to add eye-catching colour elsewhere in the room. Why play safe with the usual blue seen in so many nautical-themed bathrooms? Ramp up the sophistication factor with brick-style tiles in a daring orange.


5 easy tips for decorating your kitchen

Are you in the process of decorating your kitchen? Here are a few little tips and tricks you can use to create a stunning space that will look fantastic for years to come.

  1. Decorate it white

Want a kitchen that will stay fashionable for years? White always looks modern and never goes out of style, so pair pale cabinets with a white granite worktop for a timeless look.

  1. Make your own cabinet doors

Save money by making your own cabinets. You don’t need to have a joiner in the family; sticking sheets of acrylic on to wood or MDF creates an ultra-modern look, as does painting them in a soft blue or grey. Brass door handles would make a great finishing touch.

  1. Make a statement with lighting

Use an elaborate lampshade to create a talking point in the kitchen. It will draw the eye and give the space a unique look, especially if it contrasts with block colours or monochrome décor.

  1. Add wallpaper

It isn’t just for the living or dining room; wallpaper will spruce up even the plainest kitchen. Be as understated or as wild as you like while complementing the other colours found around the room. If you’re worried about any errant splashes from the frying pain staining it, adding glass over the top will make it easy to wipe down.

  1. Get a granite worktop installed

Want a worktop that will last? Granite is durable, scratch and heat resistant, but one of the main reasons it’s so popular is because of how gorgeous it looks. If you need a granite worktop in Islington, get in touch with iGranite.


Polished, Honed and the Leathered

When it comes to choosing the best finish for your Granite Worktops St Albans, there are a number of different options to consider. The three most popular finishes for granite are polished, honed and leathered. But what do each of these finishes look like and how do they differ from one another?


Achieved through a grinding and buffing process, the polished finish leaves a sleek, highly reflective and shiny appearance, otherwise considered a glossy mirror finish. The polished finish has two key benefits. Firstly, It will bring out the true character of your granite worktops – highlighting each slabs unique crystal patterns and colours. Secondly, a polished finish seals the pores of the stone surface, making it easier to maintain and clean than other finishes.


Also known as a matte finish, honed finishes are particularly popular for newly installed counter tops. Achieved through a sanding process, a honed finish remains flatter than a full gloss polish, leaving your granite worktops with a sleek and smooth finish that is less shiny and slippery than a polished finish. This gives your home a more contemporary look, whilst also maintaining the full elegance and beauty of granite stone.

Generally preferred for floors, stairs or other low traffic areas, a honed finish will require more frequent sealing and can be more susceptible to surface staining than other stone finishes. However with regular cleaning and care, they’ll be just fine. What’s more, all of our worktops are sealed with a Dry-Treat world leading permanent impregnating sealer, for premium stain protection.


Whilst relatively new, a leathered finish has become increasingly popular in recent years. Most commonly applied to dark-coloured granite and lacking any kind of shine, leathered granite is known for hiding fingerprints and smudges better than other stone finishes. The texture of the finish will vary depending the composition of each stone, giving each slab its own unique colour and appearance.


Planning Your Kitchen Island Worktop

Choosing the ideal kitchen island worktop for your kitchen can be a difficult task and there are a number of considerations to take into account when making your decision. In recent years kitchen islands have become increasingly popular for modern day kitchens. They offer a beautiful focal point for your kitchen, as well as a large practical space to prepare, cook, and entertain guests. As well as considering the aesthetic qualities of your kitchen island, it’s also important to consider how it will function. We will be looking to guide you through some key pointers to help you choose the right kitchen island for your kitchen.


Whether you are an avid cook, food-tech or tend to use your kitchen spaces as an area to gather the family together or entertain guests on special occasions, a kitchen island can serve multiple purposes. Traditionally the kitchen was an area for preparing food, though in recent years they have become an increasingly popular social area and living space for many homes. With this in mind it is important to consider how your kitchen island will function; would it be an area for preparing food, storing cupboards and appliances, or an additional area to entertain guests? If you are looking to house the dishwasher and other appliances in the kitchen Granite Worktops Northampton island then the sink, and other assets such as the bin should also be close by. However, if your island is looking to serve more of social purpose then perhaps you might want to consider seating, wine and drinks chillers or breakfast bar options.

Whatever your design, remember to consider the “kitchen work triangle“. This is a concept that is commonly used to map out kitchen layouts. It takes into account the primary areas of focus in the kitchen –  the cooker, kitchen sink, and refrigerator. These three points, and the imaginary lines between them are what experts refer to as “the kitchen triangle“.


Whilst Islands are a strong focal point for any kitchen it’s important to consider space. Both the open floor area around the island and either side of the island require careful planning to ensure that there is enough space to manoeuvre. If you’re planning on housing your sink in the kitchen island then you would also need to plan for the extra plumbing costs to extend the lines of any water pipes, whereas a smaller Island can be a useful way to incorporate extra seating areas, cupboards or extra storage.


With any kitchen island its don’t forget to consider height. If are looking to have bar stools then a height of around 36 – 42 inches would be recommended. You may want to consider having the island designed in two levels, with one side set lower in order to aid food preparation and prep work, and the other higher to accommodate for any seating options.