6 Kitchen Trends To Look Out For Soon

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and given how long we spend cooking, eating, and enjoying time with family and friends in them, it’s no wonder we want them to look their best. So, whether you’re planning to save costs with a quick uplift, or going all out with a full refit, it pays to know which design trends you’ll be loving in 2017.

Nordic design was big in 2016, and our love of crisp white interiors is set to continue into 2017 and beyond. Consider white on white kitchen worktops to bring some hygge into your home.

Black is starting to make an appearance as a key kitchen trend; with black on black even popping up for the design mavericks out there. However, rather than high-gloss 1980s style surfaces, many people are opting for a more elegant, natural look. While, at the moment, black on black Granite Worktops Leeds is only for the very brave, we predict it will increase in popularity throughout 2017.

Bringing luxury, drama, and opulence to any kitchen, marble has been on the rise as a design trend for a few years now. However, while marble is undoubtedly beautiful, it’s also very high maintenance. Offering a compelling alternative, some natural quartz worktops closely resemble marble, combining unparalleled performance with stunning aesthetic appeal. Scratch and stain resistant; quartz also provide a nonporous surface, so stains and harmful bacteria are never absorbed; making it virtually maintenance free.

While chalky colours are still proving popular, there has been a definite shift away from pale grey kitchen cupboards to heavier shades with black and blue tones.

Rather than moving somewhere new, many homeowners are working to improve their properties, and kitchen extensions are more often than not the focus of such improvements. With larger kitchens creating more integrated living spaces, the kitchen island is taking centre stage.

Granite worktops have a natural beauty and a harmonious colour palette. While historically, it has been almost impossible to replicate this with engineered quartz, the latest natural quartz worktops now offer exquisite designs, a wide range of colour options, and striking visual appeal. And because the quartz mineral is only three levels below the hardness of diamond, it truly is a warrior in the kitchen when it comes to being scratch resistant. Your knife will blunt before you even start to scratch the surface! What’s more, with quartz as hygienic as stainless steel, it’s no wonder that it has taken over from granite as the number one choice of kitchen worktop.




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