5 ways to inject colour into your monochrome home

Is every room in your home just a mixture of black, white and grey? Feel like you’re living in a newspaper? Although decorating with a monochromatic colour palette is very ‘in’ right now, you don’t want everywhere to feel cold and clinical. Here’s how to inject a bit of colour (and warmth) into your home.

  1. Paint a feature wall in the living room

This not-so-new trend is still popular in many a living room. A red, orange or yellow feature wall is bound to make a bold statement, while a blue or green would create a softer look. Just make sure to use paint – colourful, floral wallpaper is so 2010.

  1. Lay out a colourful bedspread

A colourful, patterned bedspread can really make a difference to an otherwise neutral bedroom, making the bed like a decorative feature. Dress the room further with accessories such as lampshades and wall hangings in matching or complementary colours.

  1. Choose bold furniture

Keep your walls white or cream and express yourself through your furniture instead. Choose sofas, armchairs, tables and other items in off-the-wall colours to really give a room a lift; they’ll stand out well against a beige backdrop.

  1. Fit a colourful granite worktop

A colourful granite worktop would complement any kitchen with a monochromatic colour scheme, breaking up those black tiles and white cupboard fronts. Place monochromatic appliances on your worktop to create a nice contrasting effect. If you rely on the experts, installing granite worktops in Dewsbury couldn’t be easier.

  1. Bold tiles in the bathroom

Bathroom fixtures and fittings are traditionally white or black (unless you just can’t let go of your 90s-inspired pea-green toilet), so it makes sense to add eye-catching colour elsewhere in the room. Why play safe with the usual blue seen in so many nautical-themed bathrooms? Ramp up the sophistication factor with brick-style tiles in a daring orange.




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