5 easy tips for decorating your kitchen

Are you in the process of decorating your kitchen? Here are a few little tips and tricks you can use to create a stunning space that will look fantastic for years to come.

  1. Decorate it white

Want a kitchen that will stay fashionable for years? White always looks modern and never goes out of style, so pair pale cabinets with a white granite worktop for a timeless look.

  1. Make your own cabinet doors

Save money by making your own cabinets. You don’t need to have a joiner in the family; sticking sheets of acrylic on to wood or MDF creates an ultra-modern look, as does painting them in a soft blue or grey. Brass door handles would make a great finishing touch.

  1. Make a statement with lighting

Use an elaborate lampshade to create a talking point in the kitchen. It will draw the eye and give the space a unique look, especially if it contrasts with block colours or monochrome décor.

  1. Add wallpaper

It isn’t just for the living or dining room; wallpaper will spruce up even the plainest kitchen. Be as understated or as wild as you like while complementing the other colours found around the room. If you’re worried about any errant splashes from the frying pain staining it, adding glass over the top will make it easy to wipe down.

  1. Get a granite worktop installed

Want a worktop that will last? Granite is durable, scratch and heat resistant, but one of the main reasons it’s so popular is because of how gorgeous it looks. If you need a granite worktop in Islington, get in touch with iGranite.




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