4 ways to add wow factor to your bar

Recently bought a brand new bar? Bet you can’t wait to get started on transforming your blank canvas into the trendiest hangout in town and a highly profitable business. Achieving the right look is essential if you want to ensure its success, so here’s how to add wow factor to your bar.

  1. Carefully design the layout

Can your customers access the bathroom just as easily as the bar area? Would open plan be best so that you can maximise space, or would you prefer to add different rooms and a VIP section? Will the bar be far enough away from the dance floor? You should consider all of these questions when designing the layout of your bar.

  1. Get the flooring right

You need to make sure your bar has suitable flooring throughout. Consider all of the different areas on the premises and which flooring type would suit each one best; for example, will you have a dancefloor in one section, or will seating and tables dominate throughout? Whatever you decide, make sure you have flooring that will be able to withstand heavy footfall and endless drinks spillages.

  1. Make everyone marvel with a marble bar area

The place where everyone can purchase drinks is arguably the focal point of the entire bar, so it needs to draw the eye and look as attractive as possible. With a unique pattern and gorgeous detailing, a marble worktop in Bradford would add elegance and sophistication to your establishment’s bar area.

  1. Striking the right balance with seating

Getting the seating area right in a bar area can be tough. You want something that looks great, but you also don’t want to invest in designer sofas and tables only to have them ruined by drink spillages and misplaced chewing gum. With this in mind, make sure your furniture complements the upmarket look you want, but don’t splash out too heavily.




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