Ways to add a your touch to your Kitchen.

Working with a designer is a partnership, where the kitchen specialist can help you realize your requirements in a beautiful, well-functioning space.  You will ultimately live, work, and socialize in your new kitchen, so use the design process to make this space your own.  There are many ways to add your personality to a kitchen renovation so the end product is more than the sum of its parts.

Here are a few to get you started:

Open display shelving ideas

 or glass front kitchen Granite Worktops Barnsley cabinets like those below can be incorporated throughout your design or in one area only, such as upper cabinets or in the kitchen island.  Not only do they break up the appearance of standard cabinets they also offer an opportunity to display personal items such as your grandmother’s china or pottery you brought back from the trip of a lifetime.

A feature colors

offers a chance to include a favorite color in an otherwise relatively neutral landscape.  White and grey are still the most popular colors for kitchens – for a good reason.  A kitchen investment should last, so hard to replace items are typically neutral shades not likely to go out of style.  Incorporate a feature color in something that can be replaced such as paint color or cushions for island barstools.

Custom tiles

 can be incorporated in a number of ways, like including a feature with a special color or pattern.  Incorporate a personal item into the tile design like the wine corks pictured below left, or use a bold tile that portrays your style like the southwestern backsplash below right.

Mix and match countertops

materials or colors to highlight a favorite material in one section such as the wood countertop sections shown below.  You could also allow space for a personal interest such as a piece of marble countertop reserved for pastry if you are an avid baker.


is available in many materials, finishes, and styles, which can make selecting the perfect one a difficult task.  Work with an experienced kitchen design specialist to navigate product ranges and find the perfect ones to bring out your personality.  Hardware is more easily changed over time than cabinets, so this is an excellent way to add a unique flair to your design.

Cozy seating

can be a window seat or even a comfy chair that creates a space for relaxation all your own, like those pictured below.  Including a comfortable seat in the kitchen offers a place sit and read, search for recipes, or just take a pause in your busy day.




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