Granite worktops explained

Granite it is a Natural Stone suitable for Worktops. Often mistaken for marble, however granite is much stronger and less likely to be scratched or stained then Marble. We have a wide selection of colours and most can be installed in your Kitchen in the next 2 to 3 weeks. Granite worktops add a modern look and feel to any new kitchen while providing a solution for protecting you kitchen unite and given off a fantastic finish and look to your kitchen.

Granite worktops Milton Keynes  is where many customers begin their search to improve the look of their kitchen. In the company showroom you are greeted with  a wide selection of colours from white, blue, brown, red, green and of course black. I also found a stone finished worktop by the name of quartz worktops. This is a second hardy option for a kitchen worktop but isn’t completely nature. However its man-made elements allow it to be customised into different colours and it can be as durable as granite with the appropriate care and attention.

If you are looking for the perfect option for your new kitchen worktops these two stone based surfaces will give you durability and a long life. They both come with the ability to cut up produce directly on the surface without scratching it, though granite is better for this than quartz, and both will look fantastic in your beautiful new kitchen.

If you are a bit more outgoing in style quartz may offer you more because of the colours and veins achievable with the man-made resin that is used to create a quartz worktop. However the natural beauty that granite worktops offer can’t be matched and as the style and colour is created naturally it means that your brand new worktops will be completely one of a kind.


Using Granite floor tiles

We have covered a lot about the pros of granite worktops Leeds, Milton Keynes, London and across the UK,  and how they are brilliant for a number of reasons, but we wanted to let you know that there are a number of other uses for granite in the home.

Firstly you can get granite in the form of floor tiles that can really bring out the light in a room because of its shine. Its obviously a very durable material as we have suggested so it works well as a floor tile because of this. You will not find a floor tile that will shine as much as granite or that will repel water as well as it does. However it is quite an unforgiving surface due to this and can seem rather cold.

It will retain heat placed on it for a while once it is warm and can be placed over underfloor heating systems as well so don’t be put off by the cool feel of granite. Even homes with no underfloor heating shouldn’t have an issue keeping the granite warm in the winter and in the summer it could be a refreshing feel when the heat outside is a bit much! The floors would look perfect in a complimentary granite to your granite worktop choice and really give you a modern, sleek look to your new kitchen.

If you are in need of granite floors and matching granite worktops Leeds or Yorkshire area there are companies specialising in the delivery of both. We recommend that you use a supplier that can help match the two together so you get the right fit for your kitchen, and ask them to recommend colours and styles of cupboards that will also fit in. There would be nothing worse than having cupboards that stick out for all the wrong reasons between a gorgeous, glamorous granite floor and worktops that sparkle.





Granite worktop solutions

We are all about the granite at The Granite Guild. If you are looking for Granite Worktops Leeds, Sheffield, York, Burnley, Milton Keynes or St Albans we can help you work out exactly what you need and what will work for you.

One of our specialities is reminding you to consider things that you may have forgotten about when you look for your perfect kitchen worktops. These include exactly what kind of kitchen user you are.

Granite worktops are great for the low-hassle kitchen owner who wants something easy to clean, easy to maintain and easy to keep looking great. They are highly durable, virtually heat resistant and as long as they have been sealed properly they are non-porous. This means you can cut up your cucumber, put down your pan and spill your squash all you want and do next to no damage. Of course its recommended that you still use a chopping board, pan stand and obviously clean up after yourself, but you will be surprised as to how little damage can be done when the accidents do happen. Granite needs sealing and that sealant does need to be replaced every now and then otherwise you will start to get damage to your worktop, but its a really easy job that will take very little time.

Quartz worktops are even more low maintenance and have many of the same benefits of granite except they don’t need sealing… so if you are prone to dropping glasses of wine all over your worktop, or are a frequent user of lemon juice quartz may be a better option for you. Quartz is also man made meaning that you have a better chance of matching specific colours, and darker colours will mean less viable seams on your kitchen worktop – a problem that granite can not defeat. Quartz is definitely a better solution for people needing something that doesn’t need any maintenance and is virtually destructible but its colour can fade in the sun so this is something to consider for your long term worktop solution.


What makes granite worktops unique?

All granite worktops are unique, its one of the main selling points you’ll be told by a granite worktop manufacturer when you start looking into sourcing your brand new granite worktop, however you might be wondering what makes them unique and how something that you are going to cut up your sandwiches on can be a one in a kind. Well we’re here to tell you why.
Granite is igneous, this means it is a rock formed by molten magma cooling deep within the earths many layers. This process takes millions of years as the crystals from various component minerals are forced together with immense pressure. The rock is then forced upwards when the earths plates move against each other, causing it to reach the surface and enabling the quarrying of the rock.

The main things that make one piece of granite different from the other include the minerals that make up the Granite – always quartz and feldspar but some granites will contain black mica, while others feature biotite and some hornblende – and the rate that piece of granite has cooled. Granite further down in the earths core will take longer to cool so results in large crystals and a lighter colour usually, whereas granite cooled nearer the surface will be made up of smaller crystals and be darker in colour.




Granite worktops and selling your home

If you are looking into home improvements in order to increase the sale of your home then you may come across the idea of installing granite worktops to increase saleability. Here we discuss the pros and cons of doing this.

Granite worktops are special things, and they often come with a wow factor for your kitchen. Its very likely that they will really turn a buyer on to your property because buyers pay particular attention to the kitchen and bathroom of their potential new home. If these rooms don’t have to be updated in terms of their fixtures and fittings then buyers will be happier and modern kitchens and bathrooms will definitely add value to a home.

However you need to calculate exactly how much value will be added through the improvements and work out if they will cost more than the value added. This is a difficult task as estate agents can tell you exactly what you want to hear but they cant actually guarantee that the price you market your home at is the price you get for it.

Granite worktops are an expensive fixture to put in place, they are worth it for usability and style but if you aren’t getting the actual benefits of them then you may be paying for someone else’s pleasure.

If you have recently bought a home to live in for a number of years knowing that you will be moving on from it when you start a family or when your family leaves the nest then granite worktops are definitely a perfect solution to your kitchen worktop needs and will stay looking good for when you need to sell your property too.




Granite Worktops

We are a UK based company who specialise in designing and manufacturing granite worktops to the highest standard of design in the finest quality granite.

We have over 16 years’ experience working with natural stone, and the skills and expertise to handle everything from a small bathroom vanity unit to a major house redevelopment project. You can trust us to get it right for you – from the early stages of finalising your kitchen design to the installation of the stone. We have the tools, experience, and capability to produce exquisite and durable worktops.

Granite Worktops London

Our granite installation teams are conveniently located throughout London and the UK in order to provide a truly nationwide worktop fitting service. Don’t pay through the nose buying your worktops through your kitchen company; send your kitchen plan or measurements to us today to find out exactly how much you can save. Browse from our huge selection of materials and cut-out the middleman by dealing directly with the stone suppliers.


Choosing the perfect granite top for your kitchen

When remodelling your kitchen you want everything to be perfect, for each aspect of the room to compliment the other and for it to have the wow factor once its finished.

Given the rise in popularity of granite worktops there has been a steady increase on the availability of different colourings. While you are still limited in the options because granite is an all natural product and comes as it is quarried, there has been an increase in the colourings as each supplier searching out different types of granite across the world so their selection is best.

Due to the fact that Granite is natural and comes in the form it is found in, its usually best to work around your granite for your kitchen units and other features. You can get away with working around your units but just be wary that you’ll be more limited in granite than you will be in unit colouring. Here we are going to share some tips on how to match granite worktops to units and create a theme around them.

The best option you have is to have samples to hand. If you’ve found the perfect kitchen unit then have a sample of its door when you go to your chosen granite showroom. If you haven’t got anything like that and are choosing the granite first ask if you can have a sample of your chosen granite for when you go to choose your kitchen worktops.

Kitchen units and paintwork are the most important things to match your granite too. Paintwork will almost always be easy to match up but the units not so much. The ideal solution is to find granite and kitchen units that contrast well. If possible the colour of the units should match the natural speckles found in the granite. Sometimes if you match the colour of the granite to the kitchen cupboards it creates a mass of colour which can be overwhelming and have an undesirable effect.

Using the same colour for both units and granite worktops can, on occasion, work well especially if, for example, you have white units with a white granite worktop that has large, widespread veins of brown, black and grey running though it. Black cabinets will work well with these types of granite worktops too, in addition to grey, golden and green tops.

Natural coloured medium brown cabinets work well with beige, white or grey granite and light to medium wood cabinets can be paired with titanium granite too. The darker brown wooden cabinest work well with green granite worktops.

Honey coloured kitchen units and cupboard doors are complemented by beige countertops that have multiple hues running through them, as do cherry stained cabinets.

In many large kitchens you can get away with contrasting granite tops for different aspects of the kitchen. So you could have your perimeter worktops in one shade of granite and the kitchen island in a completely different shade, this works particularly well if you want to make a feature of your kitchen island and if you have a large kitchen.

REmember to also take into account the size of your kitchen when you are choosing your desired granite worktop too. You will not be impressed with the results of a dark granite top in a small kitchen as it will make the room look and feel smaller than it actually is. A little granite will make the room feel brighter and more airy, especially if your kitchen doesn’t get much natural light.


Creating the perfect office kitchen

In this blog we talk mostly about granite and its brilliant use for a residential kitchen. However we do come across granite being used in other places including commercial kitchens in bars and restaurants.

One of the other places you might consider using granite worktops is within an office kitchen. Many commercial landlords and employers do not want to spend a lot on fitting out a kitchen for the workers using their building, but it might be worth while due to the resistant nature of granite.

Kitchens in the workplace have a few uses. They are a place for workers to prepare, store and cook their lunches and make hot drinks at breaks. The best office kitchens also provide a space away from the desk for workers to relax and enjoy their break and think about things other than work for a little while. Some kitchens do double up as staff meeting rooms for mid level businesses during the actual office hours so if this will be the case, they need to be flexible as well.

Office kitchens have multiple people using them every day and if the employer is responsible for the fit out of a kitchen then they have to consider how long term they want to go with the fixtures and fittings. If you are planning on expanding the business and only being in the building you are fitting out for a couple of years your kitchen doesn’t need to be very longstanding and you can get away with installing more budget options for the kitchen.  However bare in mind that a more relaxing environment will be beneficial for your employees so a more comfortable solution for seating and a clean, crisp kitchen will be best.

If you are an employee fitting out a building that you are planning on being in for years to come its best to spend a little extra on a kitchen so that you don’t have to constantly update it and fix it. Granite worktops are obviously a great solution to your work surface needs because they will not require much maintenance and will not need to be replaced a few years down the line. seating wise you want to go for more sturdy solutions, so dining chairs that aren’t likely to break easily and sofas that are easily cleaned and can withhold a lot of use.

Commercial landlords will only really be considering the actual fittings rather than the seating arrangements so work surfaces, kitchen units and sinks will need to be considered. Granite worktops provide a great surface that will be easily maintained and can provide built in drainers for sinks. Kitchen units need to be sturdy but will be best kept to a minimum in most office kitchens as a lot of storage isn’t usually needed, it would be better if you kept the units to a minimum and provided under-counter spaces for fridges and dishwashers etc.

Of course no matter what solution you choose when fitting out your office kitchen, there will probably always be follow up issues to solve… unfortunately we cant help you with the office kitchen politics that go on but remember a nice, modern, crisp kitchen may just help people feel like it needs to be looked after!


Do Granite worktops require extra strong units?

We are here to bust the myths about all things granite worktops, marble worktops and quartz worktops related. We want you to feel comfortable in the knowledge that what you think will look great in your kitchen, will work well in your kitchen.

One of the things that concerns people the most is the idea that units need extra strengthening to hold granite worktops. This is because they are very heavy work surfaces and need to be very secure once they are in place. Units are generally the things that hold worktops in place and if they are not strong enough to bear the weight of the work surface its likely that there could be an accident or that they will buckle over time.

Thankfully in most cases its not a problem and the units you have should usually be strong enough to have granite worktops secured to them. If your units are old and worn then you may want to replace them or strengthen them with extra brackets, however if they are securely fitted to the walls then this should be enough support for both the unit and the granite worktop.

Granite worktops are very heavy which is why we would suggest using a reliable service to fit them for you, rather than fitting them yourself. Most companies that work with granite on a regular basis have specialists who know how to best fit the worktops and will know for sure if the units they are being placed upon will be strong enough.

New units that are fitted to the walls will not be a worry at all and your granite worktops will sit snuggly on these in the majority of case. The worktops will suit newer units as granite offers a sleek, modern look for a kitchen and we would always recommend that you replace units at the same time as worktops so that both elements of your kitchen work together.


What is Marble?

Marble is a common material that people often associate with statues, particularly from Italy and Greece, as it is often used due to the fact it is easy to carve and virtually shatterproof. Many people will associate marble with the Taj Mahal, which is constructed almost entirely from Makrana Marble, and the Statute of David by Michealangelo, which resides in the Galleria dell’Accademia, Florence.

Marble originates from different countries across the world and will often be named after its origins. The Makrana marble of the Taj Mahal originates from Makrana in India and there are marbles that originate from Ireland, the US, Greece, Russia, Romania, Italy and less commonly the UK. The colour of the marble depends on its place of origin, with the only black marble coming from Spain and Green marbles coming from Connemara, County Galway and near Kolmården, in Sweden. The only form of marble that is found in the United Kingdom is the grey/brown Purbeck Marble that can be quarried on the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset.

It is a metamorphic rock that is formed by the recrystallisation of carbonate minerals such as calcite or dolomite. Stonemasons also often use the term to describe metamorphosed and unmetamorphosed limestone. 

Due to its unrivalled beauty designers often want to deck properties out in marble and the most common, everyday, place to use for it is kitchen worktops. The effect of marble, with its beautiful grains and its striking colours, mean that it really stands out and can really deliver the wow factor to any room. It also has a waxy finish to it when buffered which can create a sense of elegance.

Unfortunately a lot of people are put off by the idea of using marble in the kitchen as it is a porous material, meaning that liquid and other substances can pass through it quite easily. The high risk liquids associated with having a very bad effect on marble are acidic liquids such as vinegar and lemon. The effect of contact with these liquids is called ‘etching’ of the marble – where it leaves a dull, white mark where the liquid has eaten away at the surface of the marble. Things like wine, tumeric and other spices can also easily stain the top of a marble worktop. Therefore Marble is not the best surface if the user is likely to be lax in the care of the worktop and not use protective boards when cooking etc.